All Yooelf® internal partners are lovers of handmade design and production. We are very proud to be engaged in this business to share warmth to all over the world. At the same time, we also attach great importance to product quality and consumer experience. For this, we have formulated a series of strict rules Standard, we require raw material suppliers to sign the Yooelf® Quality Agreement and accept compliance visits from the company's audit department.

The Code of Conduct has strict standards for:
• Abide by the law.
• Raw materials are environmentally friendly and sustainable.
• Discrimination is prohibited.
• Hours of operation.
• Workplace health and safety.
• Child labor is prohibited.
• Prohibition of forced labor and disciplinary measures.
• Environmental and safety issues.
• Management systems.
• Animal ethics.

Materials used in Yooelf® handmade creations are produced exclusively for the brand and as such must adhere to strict chemical standards. At the same time, many of our partners already have their own children. We will give the dolls and accessories we made to our children and the children of friends and neighbors. We need to ensure that it is safe and environmentally friendly, so we are strict with the raw materials of our products. Control, working closely with suppliers of compliant raw materials to ensure that all items used in their production are safe.

We always strive for absolute best practice when making and retailing our handcrafted creations, and regularly ensure that our suppliers' social and environmental policies align with our own.
According to the ILO-UN Women report on Gender Equality and the Future of Work, the world of work is undergoing multiple transformations. Fortunately, a stubborn gender gap still exists.

To this end, Yooelf® will undertake the corresponding social responsibilities of the enterprise and formulate corresponding corporate culture rules:
• Create an appropriate corporate culture.
• Job rationalization design.
• Men and women progress together.
• Pay attention to disabled employees and mothers in difficulties, and provide some help.
• A fair and equitable personnel training system.
• Transparent reward system.
• Fair promotion system.
• Promote inclusion.
• Lead by example.

❤If you have any questions about Yooelf®'s corporate social responsibility process, please feel free to send us an email:                       

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