The raw material of Yooelf® crochet works is a yarn brand from China. The brand's wool is mainly made of cotton and milk protein fiber blends, high quality, soft to the touch, antibacterial and deodorant, natural and environmentally friendly, colorful, suitable for making underwear, clothing, crochet sweaters, hats, scarves, dolls and handicrafts etc. Although it is a small item in life, Yooelf® pays attention to bringing consumers high-quality product quality and paying attention to the experience of every consumer. In addition, Yooelf® uses the following two most representative wires of its brand :

Material name Milk cotton 1 Milk cotton 2
Ingredients 80% long-staple cotton 20% milk fiber 60% Cotton 40% Milk Acrylic
The texture Multiple shares Multiple shares/Single share

What is Milk Protein Fiber?
Milk protein fiber is a new type of biodegradable fiber extracted from protein in milk. Using cow's milk as the basic raw material, after dehydration, deoiling, degreasing, separation and purification, it becomes a kind of milk casein with a linear macromolecular structure; Branches, prepared into spinning stock solution; finally through wet spinning into fibers, solidification, drafting, drying, crimping, setting, short fiber cutting (filament winding) into a new type of environmentally friendly fiber. Therefore, milk protein fiber is known as the green fiber of the 21st century.

Its main characteristics :
  • Soft and comfortable: Milk fiber has very good softness and comfort, and its skin-friendly property is better than cashmere.
  • Moisture absorption and breathability: Milk fiber has good moisture absorption and breathability properties, which can keep the skin dry and comfortable. Antibacterial and deodorant: Milk fiber has strong antibacterial and deodorant ability, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.
  • Abrasion resistance: the abrasion resistance, pilling resistance, coloring property and strength of milk cashmere are all better than cashmere;
  • Skin care: Because milk protein contains amino acids, the skin will not reject this fabric, which has a maintenance effect on the skin, and the human body can touch it with confidence.
  • Environmentally friendly and healthy: Milk fiber is an environmentally friendly and healthy fiber material. It does not require the use of chemicals in the production process and has no pollution to the environment.               
What is milk acrylic?

Milk acrylic fiber is a new type of synthetic fiber, which is copolymerized from milk protein and acrylonitrile. It has the characteristics of softness, comfort, breathability, good moisture absorption, wear resistance, and not easy to fade. In addition, milk acrylic fiber also has antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet and other functions.   

What are the advantages of milk acrylic compared to other synthetic fibers? 
  • Good hand feeling: Milk acrylic fiber is soft and silky, comfortable to wear and has a good texture.
  • High air permeability: Milk acrylic fiber has good air permeability, making it more comfortable to use its products even in hot weather.
  • Excellent moisture absorption: Milk acrylic fiber has higher moisture absorption than other synthetic fibers, which can quickly absorb sweat and keep you dry.
  • Antibacterial and deodorant: Milk acrylic fiber has antibacterial and deodorant function, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep its products clean and hygienic.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable: milk acrylic fiber is made of bio-based raw materials, which will not pollute the environment and has good sustainability.

What are long-staple cotton and its characteristics?
Long-staple cotton is a cotton variety with longer, finer, softer, and more durable fibers than regular cotton.

The main characteristics of long-staple cotton are as follows :
  • Softer and more comfortable: The fiber length of long-staple cotton is longer than that of ordinary cotton, so it feels softer and more comfortable.
  • Better durability: The fiber strength of long-staple cotton is higher than that of ordinary cotton, and it is not easy to break, so it is more durable.
  • Good hygroscopicity: The fibers of long-staple cotton contain more air, which can better absorb moisture and keep you dry.
  • Glossy: The cross-section of its fibers is similar to a circle, with strong diffusion ability, so it has good mercerization and better dyeing effect.
  • Smooth and skin-friendly: The long-staple cotton fiber is soft and long, the yarn is more evenly dry, the strength is high, and the surface is smooth, with less hairiness, the fabric is smoother and skin-friendly, and its products will not irritate the skin.
  • Long-lasting like new: High-strength fibers have high strength after yarn, wear-resistant and durable, good wrinkle resistance, not easy to pilling, and more washable. And because of the high color fastness of the fabric, it will not fade after a long time of washing.
  • Environmental protection and health: Organic natural long-staple cotton is a green and environmentally friendly natural fiber that is safe, natural, pollution-free, and free of pests and toxins.   


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