At yooelf®, we believe that fashion is temporary, but faith is eternal. We are committed to finding a tranquility and relaxation of body, mind and soul in a noisy world.

We don't like blindly following the trend. We are keen to create something beautiful, meaningful and long-lasting that can be worn for many years and collected for inheritance.

Our products are designed by a team of designers with the same design philosophy guided by the founder, and then finished by craftsmen with many years of sewing experience. Our design is timeless, independent and interesting.

For us, making clothes with designer qualities and details is not only a job, but also a transmission of love. We are obsessed with creating real care for you, ourselves, and him/her.

We use precious silk fabrics that have a long history and are called the Queen of Fibers for our creative designs. Our silk comes from China, the birthplace of the oldest silk. The raw materials are provided by silkworm farmers who have been breeding silkworms for generations. Materials are sourced in a responsible manner.

Our ideal is simple and long-lasting. In the future, we hope that our products and ourselves can go to more places in the world, learn about the different beauty around the world, and spread positive energy. Our team is professional and caring, able to provide friendly, sincere, knowledgeable and fair advice to our customers in a relaxed environment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, email: We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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