We love nature and appreciate her gift of natural beauty to people.

Inspired by our corporate culture and supervised by our brand letter positioning. We are committed to creating products with soul charm and spiritual belief.

We believe transparency is an essential first step in this process, and to that end, we are opening up the world of materials for Yooelf®.

Part 1. Historic Natural Protein Fiber

• Silk-the queen of fibers, is a natural fiber that has a long history all over the world. For thousands of years, silk has been considered the most luxurious textile material.
• Among the world's 4 kinds of silk, the most precious is mulberry silk, which is mainly made of a protein called fibroin. Its surface shines with the iconic pearl-like luster, and the touch is as smooth as the delicate skin of a baby.
• Yooelf uses 100% mulberry silk, plain crepe satin, a real silk fabric, 100% mulberry silk composition, smooth, delicate and shiny, mulberry silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, close to the human skin, Soft skin, it is a natural ideal fabric for skin care! Soothing every inch of your skin with 18 beneficial amino acids, and relax your body and mind~

Part 2. The best quality

• Soft touch and elegant appearance have become the epitome of luxury.
• Due to its natural nature, mulberry silk is known for its breathability, hypoallergenicity and moisture retention.
• With its luster, strength and durability, it has been passed down and passed down for a long time.
• YOOELF® selects the most representative 6A grade long fiber in silk, whose density, water absorption, strength and durability are higher than ordinary grade silk.

Part 3. Healthy, safe and non-toxic

• It is a beautiful gift from nature. Due to its natural nature, it is not only non-toxic, but also has a great maintenance and repair function for people's skin.
• Our materials have passed OEKO-TEX certification, and we do our best to ensure that our products are safe, clean and non-toxic.
• For dyes, we also use safe, natural and harmless dyes, and we currently use some vegetable dyes.
• We are also experimenting with fruit dyes. We share all of this with you and hope to look forward to the success of this experiment with you!

Part 4. Environmental protection & sustainable development

• We love nature and care for our common home-the earth.
• Our supplier grows mulberry trees in a good environment and does not need to spray pesticides. To protect the soil.
• Our products are classic and cleverly designed, designed to be fashionable while reducing waste.
• Our 100% mulberry silk comes from nature, and the natural fiber is degradable. It can be decomposed in only 1 to 5 years, which is 50 times faster than synthetic materials. Protecting the earth starts with each of us.
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