At Yooelf®, we love natural health and environmental protection, and embrace green sustainable development, including the health and wellness of those who help us build products.

We believe that all employees in our supply chain should enjoy a fair, healthy and ethical working environment and certain minimum human rights standards.

To ensure that our supply chain meets our standards. On December 31, 2019, we formulated the following rules and passed the company’s unanimous approval, and met the following requirements: (i) the British "Modern Slavery Act"; (ii) the California Supply Chain Transparency Act; (iii) Australia The Modern Slavery Act.

Part 1. Our business and supply chain

Yooelf® is a manufacturer and seller from the birthplace of silk in the world. We attach great importance to our workforce. We have a number of raw material suppliers and outsourcing processing plants. They come from different ethnic groups. Our products are sold all over the world Countries.

Part 2. Our policies and principles

• We conduct business operations worldwide in accordance with high ethical business, employment and recruitment standards. Our business reputation, as well as the trust and confidence of the people we do business with are one of our most precious assets, and they are also assets we strive to protect. High ethical standards also make good business sense, they all create value for our company, our shareholders and ultimately the society.
• We have zero tolerance for exploitative employment practices and our policies and codes of conduct Special mention is made of avoiding slavery, forced or bonded labor in our own operations and supply chain. We support the operation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in all our work. Our global policy complies with the requirements of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Our business
Our company's internal review team conducts internal reviews based on our business principles to ensure that we adhere to our standards on a global scale, whether in our own operations or in any outsourced operations. The foundation of all this is that everyone acts in an honest, upright and fair manner. If they feel that this will not happen, we will have a professional team to help them understand their role in upholding our values, including opposing slavery and Forcing specific requirements and safeguarding their own rights and interests.
Our supply chain
It is vital that our relationships with business partners and suppliers must be aligned with our own business. Therefore, we are constantly reviewing our approach to ethics and sustainable supply chain management.
Procurement of materials and products and business practices responsibly.
• Suppliers must not use slavery, forced or bonded labor, or involuntary prison labor in their business.
• Suppliers must not recruit, transfer,Use threats, force, coercion or deception to harbor or receive workers.
• Supplier must have a system A place to check whether employees have legal rights to work.
If we find that any supplier company’s behavior violates the requirements of our supplier guidelines, we reserve to request corrective actions or ultimately terminate the agreement.
"We are committed to ensuring that we do not use slavery or forced or bonded labor in our own operations Or in our supply chain".

Part 3. Due diligence, review and training

Our goal is to ensure that there is no slavery in our business or supply chain. This will not only better serve and brand customers, but also serve as a corporate social responsibility. For this reason, We will monitor and strive to improve our established system to ensure that there is no modern slavery phenomenon in our business, and at the same time to ensure that anyone with whom we do business does not benefit from or contribute to modern slavery in any form.

Part 4. If you have better suggestions or questions about upholding human rights and avoiding slavery, you can contact us.

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